Cassette blinds

Design feature

Cassette blinds represent a cloth which can be rolled up. This allows you to qualitatively adjust the luminous flux, if necessary, changing the position of the protective surface. Initially, this type of blinds was intended only for plastic windows. A feature of such models is that their installation does not require drilling the window frame. Today, you can install cassette blinds on almost any type of window sash.

The design consists of several main elements:

Кассетные жалюзи
Кассетные жалюзи

Cloths. The shape and design may be integral or consist of several movable elements that are interconnected.

Cassettes. This concept is often understood as a special shaft on which the web is wound. The design is equipped with a control mechanism. Many shafts are hidden in metal boxes, which allows you to give them the optimal design.

There are several positive aspects of cassette blinds:

Practicality. System management is quite simple, and the design can adapt to almost any type of window.

Aesthetics. Manufacturers in the manufacture of blinds use a variety of materials, which allows you to choose the product design for any interior style. Some modifications may be made to order.

Durability. The service life of both the material and the mechanism itself is virtually unlimited. If, nevertheless, a breakdown occurs, then all these elements can be replaced with new ones quite easily. To extend the period of operation, experts recommend that you properly care for the blinds.

High-quality light protection. This indicator is achieved through the use of special materials and impregnations. Some of them are able to repel dust or exhibit bactericidal effects.

Easy care. Canvas blinds should be periodically wiped with a dry or slightly damp cloth. For metal models, soap solutions are also used.

Convenience of operation. Cassette blinds fit snugly against the glass, without changing their position even with a slight tilt. In this case, a peculiar air gap forms between these surfaces, which acts as a heat-insulating layer.

Easy installation. Installation of blinds can be performed even by an unprepared person. The main thing is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Light weight. The canvas does not create large loads on the frame, which allows you to increase its size. Therefore, such blinds can technically be made for any type of window.

Кассетные жалюзи
Кассетные жалюзи